16 August 2020


As we begin to reopen, your safety is our highest priority. While your experience maybe a little different, we at Phatcha Thai Massage are committed to delivering the most relaxing, rejuvenating time we possibly can.

With that in mid we have put in place a few simple measures to ensure your safety and comfort.

After all what is more relaxing than peace of mind!

1. Temperature check

We may take a quick temperature check just to make sure it is safe for our staff and other customers. This will be quick and non evasive. You’ll be on the massage table in no time.

2. Hand sanitizer

Since the start of the crisis washing hands has been an important measure in fighting COVID 19. As you enter. Please sanitize your hands to stop bringing in anything unwanted with you!

3. Staff face masks and shields.

Our skilful staff will be wearing face shields and masks to dramatically reduce the risk of transmission

4. Disposable massage table sheet.

We will be using disposable massage table sheets, so you don’t have to worry about who was on the table before you.

5. Anti-bacteria clean

All surfaces and contact points will be thoroughly cleaned between customers so you can be confident and relaxed.

6. Towel washing

You can be confident that all towels have been used just once before being thoroughly washed and stored safety.

We look forward to seeing you soon. For a safe, relaxing experience.

Phatcha Thai Massage Care and safety

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